• Banana Ice Cream


    Thank you to Kathryn from our Facebook community for sharing this fabulous ice cream!

    Last week while the twins were watching the Mickey Mouse Club and I was folding laundry, my brain happened to catch a commercial about banana helado or ice cream, in Spanish. Disney is honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month and showed the simplest way to make banana helado, so we whipped some up that night. Well, the next night.

    Take those old, bruised bananas, that are super sweet and cut them into coin-like slices. I cut while Eric held a gallon sized freezer ziploc bag open. We did 3 bananas the first time, laid them out somewhat flat, and let them freeze overnight. When you’re ready for a yummy dessert, just pour them into a food processor, puree, and viola! (I do not have a food processor – our small one broke a couple yrs ago, so I used our Beaba Cook. It was slow going, but it got the job done.) Next time I’m going to try adding a little whipping cream to see if it will fluff up a little more, but how crazy simple?! And think of all the wonderful, yummy additions that could be added while blending or used as a topping.

    Toppings and add-in ideas:  coconut cream, whipped cream, frozen strawberries, cocoa, frozen blueberries, dark chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, nuts

    Note: When blending additional fruit with bananas, be sure it is also frozen to make sure it is frosty!


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