• Batter Dipped Fish

    My five year wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of days.  I was lucky enough to honeymoon in England and spend some time with my aunts, uncles and my Grandma MacDonald.  My husband and I went on a short journey or two with my Grandma while we were there, who was 92 years old at the time.  She always asked me for years whether or not I had a steady boyfriend, so I was happy she was able to meet my husband.  On our way to Blackpool, we drove by the house where my great-grandmother (her mother) last resided and where my grandmother used to go dancing on the weekends when she was younger.  Thanks to a good recommendation, we stopped at Whelan’s Fish Restaurant in Lytham where we had the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.  On the wall was a picture of Gordon Ramsey in the restaurant with the owner.  I remember sitting across the table from Grandma who was thoroughly pleased with the quality of the meal.  “Ooh, I do love a good fish and chip,” she said.  Although, she passed away in 2009, I am so grateful for the chance to see her again and to have a good fish and chip together.
    I have never since eaten fish as good as Whelan’s, but this is pretty tasty.
    Batter Dipped Fish

    3 cups Oil
    2 pounds Cod Fish Fillets
    1 cup Self Rising Flour
    ⅓ cup Dry Mustard
    1 cup Water
    1 Egg
    2 tsp Sugar
    2 tsp Salt


    1. Sift together mustard and flour.  Heat oil to 400°.
    2. Cut the fish into 7×2-inch pieces.
    3. With a mixer, blend the flour mixture with the water, egg, sugar and salt.
    4. Dip fish into the batter, coating well.
    5. Drop into the hot oil.
    6. Fry fish until dark golden brown.
    7. Remove and drain on paper towels.
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