• Bethany’s Slow Cooker Curry

    Here is Bethany’s amazing slow cooker curry from our Facebook community!  Thanks, Bethany!  Easy and delicious!
    Bethany’s Slow Cooker Curry
    • Chicken Breasts- Your Call On How Many 1-4 Should Work Fine
    • 1 Can Diced Tomatoes (I Used Fire Roasted Garlic)
    • About 2 T Of Lemon Juice
    • About 2 T Of Olive Oil
    • About 3 T Of Curry (I Used A Combo Of Hot Curry Powder,reg curry powder and red curry paste)
    • About 1-2 T Of Turmeric
    • About 2 T Garlic Powder
    • About 1-2 T Of Ginger Powder (Fresh Would Probably Be Better Though…)
    • About 1 T Of Cumin
    • A Heaping T Of Minced Garlic
    • About ½ White Onion Diced
    • About 3-4 Green Onions Cut Up
    • About ¾ Cup Frozen (Or Fresh) Tri Colored Peppers
    • 1 Can Lite Coconut Milk
    • lots of S&P to taste

    Combine all ingredients except coconut milk- throw in crock pot and smell the yummy curry smell. 🙂 I cooked this on high for about 4 hours and then added the coconut milk and cooked on low for about another 45 minutes. If you wanted to have this going all day, I have done it for about 8 or so hours on low. I think that the longer curry simmers the better. I served over a brown/wild rice mix and with naan – because we love carbs!
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