• Breakfast Delights

    Up early and already to Aurelia. Breakfast Delights has long been a favorite of mine. Farmer’s eggs (w/sausage, potatoes and diced peppers & onion), and cinnamon walnut French toast sticks.


    7/29: I caught up with the woman who runs the Breakfast Delights stand a few mornings later, curious about some of the logistics of a food vendor on the RAGBRAI route. As with many of the vendors, including the Maleys and Mr. Pork Chop, hers is a family-owned and operated business. She learned early on that they really need to stay in a hotel during the week–apparently, sleeping in trucks with your parents and siblings for a week does not work. 😉 She said they try hard to land rooms in two hotels from which they can work two days of the route forward and back–so, say, one location suited to traveling to the 1st and 2nd days’ routes, and also the 3rd and maybe 4th, and a second to cover the rest of the week.

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