• Bruschetta with Tomato Salad

    Jocelyn from our Facebook community shared her method for making bruschetta.

    • Because this recipe is really just kind of made to taste, I will do my best to estimate the measurements. I seed 10 roma tomatoes, cut into strips and then small little cubes. I would use the word “dice”, but I am afraid that would pulp them too much. Try and maintain the integrity of the tomato while cutting it up into tiny pieces. Also, it is important to use Roma’s. I’ve tried other varieties, but they are too juicy and just don’t shape up well. Put all of your cut tomatoes in a bowl.
    •  Add equal parts of olive oil and balsamic – let’s say about 1/2c of each. As the tomatoes break up in the vinegar, they will create more juice. I like a stronger vinegar flavor, so after an hour or two of marinating, I add more balsamic. I like to leave the tomatoes out on the counter to marinade. It is just too cold in the fridge and they don’t break down enough.
    •  I then add maybe a 1/2-1 teaspoon of salt & pepper, and 3 crushed garlic cloves.
    • Last step is assembly – which I think is the most important part. It is hard to do when you are bringing to a friend’s home, but worth your best try. I always use take and bake bread. Cut thin and then baked. I do about 3min/side. After I bake the first side, I take garlic cloves & rub heavily on the toasted side, then flip and put back in oven for another 3. When I pull these out, I flip them on the platter so they are garlic side up. Garlic will make pals fingers sticky, so you don’t want it to be on the bottom of the bread. Create a serving station where friends can grab bread, place bruschetta on top, then finish with fresh basil and asiago. That’s it. I don;t think I missed anything and I *think* it is in comment order based on steps. Thanks all.


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