• Green Smoothie

    I love green veggie smoothies, but at $4.00 a bottle, it’s an indulgence. It’s ridiculously easy to make and for the same price of the raw vegetables, I made a whole GALLON! The secret is to start with cucumbers. I think an old school blender produces the best results.

    Super Green Smoothie

    2 cucumbers
    1 5oz bag spinach
    1 head romaine
    1 bunch parsley
    4 broccoli crowns
    A sprig fresh oregano
    A sprig fresh thyme
    (dried is ok, just use less)
    Salt to taste
    1. Blanch the broccoli crowns 1- 2 minutes; plunge in cold water to stop cooking (or leave raw if you prefer.)
    2. Peel the cucumbers.Make this in two batches, so all the green goodness can fit in a 5 cup blender.3. Cube 1 cucumber and whir in the blender with a half cup of water till perfectly smooth. (I go all the way to liquify.)
    4. Gradually add half the bag of spinach and half the head of romaine, whir until smooth. The color will be amazing!
    5. Roughly chop two of the broccoli crowns, add to the mixture and whir until smooth.
    6. Add the herbs and salt to taste and whir once more.
    7. Divide the mixture into two quart canning jars, filling half way up. Fill to the top with ice cold water.
    8. Now repeat with second batch!
    9. Store in fridge and shake well before serving.Feel free to substitute your favorite greens! I want to try it with kale and arugula; I’ll probably blanch the kale first.

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