• Hollandaise for One or Many

    Possibly my favorite breakfast ever is a good eggs benedict, or really anything smothered in real hollandaise sauce.  I’d always assumed it was beyond my skillset to make myself however, and many of the recipes I came across for it made a large batch that would be difficult for a small family like mine to consume in one breakfast.

    This tutorial from the blog And Here We Are has changed everything however!  It can easily be scaled from just enough for one to a large batch if you’re hosting a brunch for many.  A few simple, real food ingredients that I commonly have on hand, with measurements approximate enough for me to remember without having to dig the recipe out every time makes this a winner.

    Here’s the formula for making Hollandaise Sauce just for one, using one egg yolk:
    1 Egg Yolk
    1 T hot Water 
    Sea Salt
    Lemon Juice (please, from a real lemon!) 
    Butter (the better your butter, the better your sauce!)  I prefer Kerrygold
    Cayenne Pepper

    Check out the tutorial for the rest of the instructions–I really can’t improve upon them, and the pictures are drool worthy.  There is also a video tutorial at the end with instructions for how to poach an egg (yet another kitchen skill I have yet to master!).

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