• Homemade Chicken Stock

    What a better first post than with the most basic of recipes?  Homemade chicken stock is a great first step in learning how to make anything homemade.  It’s easy, healthier, inexpensive and it tastes so much better than store bought.  If you have never made it before, once you do, I promise you’ll never want to buy it again.

    My method:  I keep a resealable bag in the freezer for vegetable scraps.  When it is full or I am ready to make stock, all I need to do is empty this bag into the pot.  The amount of scraps and scrap contents can vary depending on your personal taste.  The beauty of homemade stock is the lack of needing precise measurements.  The basic vegetable scraps to keep in your freezer bag are ends and skins of onions, carrot tops and ends of celery.  I first used the following amazing website when I was learning how to make stock.



    The link below is an even easier method.  Cook your chicken in the crockpot first, take the meat out while leaving the bones and scraps in place, empty in your vegetable scraps, fill with water, turn it on and presto!  That’s all there is to it.  No need to worry about over cooking it, either.  Some websites claim for the most nutritional benefits, it should be left to simmer for an entire week!  You can store it in glass jars which I do if I’m going to use it soon, or I put two cups worth in quart sized freezer bags which is about the equivalent of a can of stock.  (Ziploc bags are BPA-free, by the way.)  Freezing in ice cube trays and storing in bags is also a popular method.


    TIPS:  Use organic vegetables and chicken whenever possible.  Want to make it a vegetable stock?  Simply omit the chicken and add more vegetables and herbs.

    Thank you to these wonderful blogs for helping us take such a simple first step to improving our health!  Good luck!  And enjoy your stock!

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  1. Stacey says:

    After you dump veggie scraps into the crockpot and fill with water, put 2-3 tbsp of vinegar in and let it sit for about an hour. The vinegar helps suck the minerals and nourishing stuff out of the bones. If you didn’t do this, then yes, you would need to simmer for a week to get all the nutrients out of the bones, but vinegar helps you do it in an hour.

    Also, I measured out that about 5 ice cubes of stock makes 1 cup (in my trays), so I fill ice cube trays, then place 1 cup of cubes in ziploc bags. That way I can just grab a ziploc bag and dump it in a pan when steaming veggies or rice and I don’t have to measure.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Stacey! Fantastic information!

  3. I always was concerned in this subject and stock still am, regards for posting.

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