• Marianne’s Caviar

                                                           What did I do today? I made CAVIAR!


    Salmon Caviar (Ikura)
    Step 1
    Soak the Salmon skeins in a large boil of water, as hot as you can stand it. (Think of a very hot bath that you dip your toe in and jump out of!)


    Step 2
    This is the tedious part. Carefully, and gently, with your fingers, separate the eggs from the membrane,discarding the membrane in a small dish as you go. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it, it helps shrink the membrane and pulls it away from the eggs. The eggs will sink to the bottom and pieces of membrane will float to the top. The eggs will become cloudy, but will transform in the next step. Swirl, tilt and drain, and then add more hot water and drain again. I did it about ten times before I was satisfied. It’s pretty oogy work.


    Step 3
    Magic happens! Drain the eggs, add a scant teaspoon of sea salt for every 1/2 pound of egg skeins. Gently mix with your fingers. The eggs start to become translucent immediately, and start to expand.


    Step 4
    Chill the eggs in a bowl in the fridge for a half hour. Take them out, place them in a sieve, and perform the second salting. Gently mix in another scant teaspoon for each 1/2 pound of skeins. Chill in the sieve, set in a bowl in the fridge, to allow the excess water to drain, for one hour.
    Step 5
    The finished caviar! Taste it. If too salty for your taste, you can rinse in cold water and have a final drain.


                                                               8 ounces of the freshest Ikura for $10!
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