• Mincing Garlic

    I hate peeling and mincing garlic.  REALLY hate it.  I mean, would-rather-change-a-blow-out-diaper kind of hate.  So I cheat.  The garlic purists would be quite upset to know that I was freezing garlic, but you know what?  It works.  The majority of the potency and flavor is still intact and I only need to mince it twice a year!

    • First, I buy a giant bag of pre-peeled garlic from Costco.  Throw half of it in my handy dandy food processor at a time.  Pulse about five times to the consistency I want.

    •  Then I spoon it into muffin tins and pop them in the freezer.  My good friend, Stacey, uses ice cube trays instead, keeps them all in a baggie in the freezer, and just takes one out at a time to throw right into her dishes.  I measure out about the equivalent of 4 cloves to a cube in the trays.  I always double the amount of garlic a recipe calls for, so 4 cloves are usually how much I use.”

    •  When they are frozen, they are removed from the muffin tin and placed in the original bag back into the freezer.  I keep one or two out in a small container to keep in the refrigerator.
    • That’s it!  I never have to peel or chop garlic.  The whole process takes about 15 minutes of labor.  My Asian mother-in-law actually does something similar, except she purees her garlic with a 3 to 1 ratio together with ginger.  She keeps it in a large tupperware container and is always having to dig out the frozen puree.  Maybe I should loan her my muffin tins.  ; )
    • Use 1/2 tsp. of minced garlic for every medium sized clove of garlic in a recipe, although I always just use a big heaping regular spoonful because I love garlic!


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