• Purple Rice and Mouse Beans

    When sweet old ladies ask my three year old in the grocery store his name, he frequently replies, “Mouse.” My little mouse loves cheese, but he REALLY loves white rice, but, of course, I’d like him to eat brown because it is healthier. ┬áThe way I’ve gotten around this is an idea from his Korean grandparents…what they always refer to as “healthy rice.” First, mix brown and white together…50/50 ratio. Then, add some black beans that I soak separately for a few hours to cut down on cooking time. One pot of soaking rice and another for beans (usually a half to 3/4 cup for 2 cups of uncooked rice…yeah, we eat it a lot). I let the beans soak longer so it all cooks equally. Then I throw them in a pressure cooker (mostly drained) and cook them like I normally do. Guess what happens? The rice turns purple! However you cook your rice, throw in some soaked black beans (you may need to up the liquid a bit) next time and have yourself some purple rice and mouse beans! Fun!



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