Our Goal: The Intervention

Welcome to Dinner Intervention! A place for you to share and find favorite recipes, cooking tips and ask questions. Our members consist of omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, Weston A. Price, gluten free, raw, plant-based, whole food and clean eaters. We enjoy seeing healthy meals that are as unprocessed, preservative-free, non-artificially colored/flavored and as synthetic-free as is possible and reasonable. Sans the cans, if you catch my drift. (Examples: we avoid posting recipes containing ingredients such as creamed soups, Velveeta, processed foods with long ingredient lists, etc.) We also like to post cooking tips, products, appliances and cookbooks we love. Instead of creating docs on the FB page, we’d like you to post as a normal comment. Your recipe will be added to our blog where you can find all our shared recipes. Feel free to take a look through our recipe page to get acquainted with Dinner Intervention!

If you have found an outstanding recipe you would like to share, please find us on our Facebook page and join in the conversation!


Our beautiful pepper picture at the top of our blog was provided by the brilliantly talented photographer, Chris McGuire.  We hope you check out his website, Facebook page and tell your friends!

Online:   http://www.christophermcguirephoto.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christopher-McGuire-Photography/234605690181?ref=nf

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