• Tuna Melts

    Once again I have stolen a recipe from The Pioneer Woman and made it my own.  This time I should have left well enough alone.  I think her version probably tastes better, though mine was good!  Yesterday, I was tired and cranky and so was my husband.  Little C decided to wake up every hour on the hour starting at 2 and well those of you with toddlers understand that when this happens you may not be at your best the next day.  When this happens I crave comfort food and so does my husband.  One of his favorite comfort food meals is Tuna Melts.   Here is her recipe and I will include the adjustments I made at the end. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/tuna-melts/

    Here are the changes I made.

    I used Dave’s Killer Bread instead of english muffins

    I used monterey jack cheese

    I didn’t have a fresh bell pepper so I used a jarred, roasted red pepper (it would have been better with the fresh red bell, the soft roasted pepper threw the texture off)

    I added a slice of tomato under the cheese

    I didn’t have sweet gherkins (though I wish I did) so I used a jar of sweet relish


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