• Vegetable curry? In Anamosa?

    7/29: It’s true, it’s true! They were selling it at a stand at the expo in Anamosa, along with gyros. The gyro meat was pre-sliced, so I was not interested–it needs to be shaved off a giant rotating drum of meat if it’s going to taste any good! Call me spoiled; I live above one of Holy Land’s two Minneapolis locations.

    The curry, though. It was pretty basic–potatoes, corn, peas, green beans, and carrots, in a tomato-based sauce, served over basmati rice–but after rolling through hills between Cedar Rapids and Anamosa, it was just what I needed. And sadly, fresh vegetables and fruit were not oft to be found on the route. It came with a salad with a yogurt-based dressing that hit the spot. I felt bad for not seeking out healthier fare as I ate this.

    And then I had a deep-fried Snickers bar for dessert. Sigh.

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